YMM-N Powder



Hua Xing Mfy Co., Ltd Announces most popular grade bonded NdFeB magnetic powder of 2012

Jiangmen, China Nov 29, 2012 – Yuhong Magnetic Materials co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of Hua Xing Mfy Co., Ltd is one of the most important producers in China that supply bonded NdFeB (Neodymium-iron-boron) magnetic powder, announced the most popular selling grade is YMM-N 11-9 powder during year 2011-2012. Due to Rare Earth prices to stay high as China extends crackdown. Bonded magnet manufactures are look for the more competitive magnetic powder to produce magnet in order to save the cost. The reason for customer select grade YMM-N powder is due to the magnetic property is only 10% lower than the MQP-13-9 but powder cost can reduce over 30-40% in general.

Powder can be applied in most motor application use in automotive and home appliance industry. We would like our customer take advantage to try out one of the most competitive grade of NdFeB powder in town. We guarantee our quality of the powder can let your magnet become more competitive and it will benefit your customer in the end. For more products information please refer to our product catalogue for YMM-N 11-9.

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