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The production experience of Hua Xing managements and engineers began in 1990. In 1996, we began manufacturing permanent magnet products and lost wax stainless steel parts. Local market is one of our major sales markets. Since 2000, exports have been about 30%. In 2007, Hua Xing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. Independent of its parent company and began to establish its own production facilities. Most of the products have been transformed into exports to Europe and the United States, not just serving the local market. In recent years, our exports have reached 95%. Hua Xing has expanded its business to precision machined parts and assembly of products, and believes that these services can provide one-stop service for our customers.

Hua Xing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. supplies permanent magnet products, lost wax stainless steel parts, precision machined parts, engineering design and engineering services, and various products. Through strict quality control, our factory has passed DNV-GL certification for various purposes of ISO9001-2015, PED and AD2000 WO. We always adhere to the principle of producing customers with quality products and services. We take a series of production processes, technical support and marketing service measures. Make sure our customers meet our products and services.


Hua Xing is an OEM manufacturing partner mainly engaged in the production of industrial components and magnetic materials. It serves customers in 58 countries. Huaxing is the most reliable manufacturing partner in different industries such as automotive, food processing machinery, shipbuilding, pumps, medical and electronics industries. Our experienced engineers are focused on providing different manufacturing solutions to save costs and benefit our customers. Our company has 3 production facilities and 201 employees have sales of more than 12 million US dollars in 2016.

The history of Hua Xing manufacturing co., ltd

From 1990 to today, Hua Xing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed into a supply partner for various components for the global manufacturing industry. From its products in magnetic material supply and stainless steel casting parts, Hua Xing also provides product design services and finally provides customers with product assembly services. After 25 years of development, Hua Xing will continue to improve its production processes and improve quality and other services to help you save on manufacturing costs. The company development process is as follows;

1990 - Foundry Alnico Magnet Factory Started
1996 - Launch of investment casting golf club head factory
2003 - Independent of parent company Hua Xing Industrial Co., Ltd.
2007 - Established machining and assembly workshops
2010 - Joint venture between the Hua Xing and YuHong to produce bonded NdFeB magnetic powder
2015 - Foundry Division and TheKing Joint Venture Expand Stainless Steel Casting Capacity


Peter Lindquist
“I have work in China and with Chinese suppliers since 1995 and I have to say that Hua Xing are the best according to my experience...”

Andrea Cazzani
“The staff in engineering department help us a lot during the prototype phase, there is key for my project to be successful...

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Hua Xing has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering solutions.

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