Hua Xing Mfy, Yuhong Magnetic Celebrate Join Cooperation


Hua Xing Mfy, Yuhong Magnetic Celebrate Join Cooperation

Leading manufacturing and marketing firm Hua Xing Manufacturing Co Ltd and Yuhong Magnetic Material Co., Ltd celebrate the success of the two companies' joint cooperation, Since Yuhong Magnetic was one of the few importance producer to produce neodymium-iron-born (NdFeB) magnetic powder in China, combine with Hua Xing Manufacturing sales and marketing experience in the magnetic industry. The company aims to become the second leading global supplier of the bonded NdFeB magnetic powder.

The two companies also announced that the new neodymium-iron-born (NdFeB) powder manufacturing methods by Rapid Solidification (Jet Casting) method will rolls out in mid-2010. Sales & Marketing campaign will start at the end of year 2010.

Hua Xing manufacturing has over 15 year experience in both manufacturing and sales marketing in magnetic material. With wide range of Hua Xing customer base and marketing campaign, Yuhong' bonded NdFeB powder sales will expect to increase 350ton by the end of 2010

“Since bonded NdFeB powder are dominated by MQ since the powder manufacturing methods has been innovate by GM, no one else has been able to produce same type of magnetic powder in the same specification in the market, Yuhong is set to begin mass production after five years of R&D of a new magnetic powder for bonded NdFeB magnetic powder with exactly the same quality and magnetic properties of Neo powder from MQ”. said Tony Cheng, Sales & Marketing Director of Hua Xing. ” Our target is to achieve 30% of the sales in the Bonded NdFeB magnetic powder the global market.”

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