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Nowadays there are many different types of industry faces difference pressure on the cost saving issue. A lot of companies souring components from China. But they are concerned with the quality and delivery lead-time issue. Hua Xing will provide you one stop service from product development to finished assembly with packing to improve the bottom-line profitability of your organization.

Whether your business is industry pump, marine, food processing machining or another industry, Hua Xing engineering can assist you to find the most suitable manufacturing methods to lower your cost and meet your specific needs.

Identifying strategies by understanding your needs

We take the time to learn about the production assemblies, type of material, mechanical requirement, and recommend and appreciate design abilities to suitability to the manufacturing methods. We are focused on providing the right manufacturing methods, from the right material, at the right price for each individual customer situation—ensuring that customers get a solution tailored to their needs.

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Beach Wheelchair

A beach wheelchair is a wheelchair designed to function on sand. Normally, wheelchairs have thin wheels that do not function well on soft terrains. Beach wheelchairs are designed specifically to work on loose terrain such as soft sand and include large wh 
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Electric hospital bed

Basic electrical functional with Back-rest tilting and Knee-rest tilting angle adjustmetn and also height adjustment vertically. 
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Inustrial Process Pump

applications including condensate recovery, brewery processing, caustic transfer and water duties. 
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Magnetic Contact

Magnetic contacts provide a first line of defense against intruders. 
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Meat Grinder

Manufactured from stainless steel and equipped with a stainless steel feed pan. Ideally designed for butcher shops, food stores, and restaurants. 
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A rotating part of a mechanical device, for example in an electric motor, generator, alternator or pump. 
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Stepper Motor

A stepper motor (or step motor) is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. 
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Vane Pump

Main applications: Post-mix drink dispensers, Booster systems, Fuel injection systems, Reverse osmosis, Ultra-filtration, Chillers 
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