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Rubber / Flexible magnets
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Rubber / Flexible magnets

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Rubber / Flexible magnets - can be either isotropic & anisotropic. They are made from strontium ferrous oxide, K-resin (rubber) and some other trace elements. The result is a magnet material that can be bent, twisted, and coiled. They can be used without further machining, or it is possible to trim their shape to requested dimensions. The energy products range from 0.65 MGOe to 1.40 MGOe. Magnetic properties depend on the kind of the magnetic powder that is used.

- Material can be bent, twisted and coiled
- Use without machining or possible to trim their shape to requested dimensions

Typical Applications for Rubber magnet: Refrigerator, information notice holder, fastening elements to metallic bodies as advertisement, sheet magnets for toys, teaching materials, switches and sensor.